Business Apartments München

Residence Munich

In einer Pension in München vermieten wir Wohnungen. In bester Münchner Lage bieten wir temporäre Unterkünfte an. Ausgestattetes Wohnen in München in temporären Wohnungen. Bei allem Komfort, den Sie von der Business Class erwarten. Willkommen und guten Tag in den Studio Apartments.

Apartment Hotel München

There are 24 business apartments for up to 4 persons. Our conveniently located near the centre and the stylish apartments make our hotel perfect for mid- and long-term holidays in the city. Business-travellers, commutees and business travellers as well as exhibition and holiday makers enjoying the services of our hotel.

You can look forward to our comfortably and tastefully decorated apartments with Nordic interiors. MITTERSENDING S-Bahnhof is only a few min. away from the building. If you are travelling from Nürnberg, take the motorway no. 9 in the München area. Here you take the B 2 C towards "München-West / Laim / Sendling".

If you are arriving from Salzbourg, take the motorway freeway no. 8 to the München-Süd intersection and from there take the B 2 C. Approaching from Augburg, take the motorway no. 8 to the München-West junction and then take the B 2 C. Leave the B 2 C at the B 11 motorway junction in the heading for the city of Innsbruck and turn into Plinganserstrasse on the south.

Long distances train from all destinations end at the main railway terminal. Suburban train line numbers 7, 20 and 27 depart from the main railway stations in the Wolfrathausen area. You will arrive at the suburban train stop MITTERSENDING after 10 mins. Coming from the München International Center (MUC) take the train line no. 8 to the main train stop (Hauptbahnhof) in 45 mins.

From the main railway terminal take the suburban railway line 7 in the Wolfrathausen area. It will take you to Midtersendling in only 10 min. When renting a vehicle at the international airports, you should take the motorway Autostrada Motorway 9 to Sending. They can bypass the town centre via the motorway A 92 and the B 2 C.

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