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Jobangebot 1: F?r Die 1:1-Versorgung eines Menschen in seinem Hause in Elmhorn, wir sind auf der Suche nach baldm?lichst engagierten, zertifizierten Kollegen zu günstigen Bedingungen in Vollzeit oder Nebentätigkeit f?r Wechselschicht. Bitte kontaktieren Sie bei Bedarf unsere Mitarbeiterin Maria Märx in Berlin. Jobangebot 2: F?r die 1:1 Betreuung eines Menschen in seiner Reinbeker Ferienwohnung sucht baldm?lichst verpflichtete zertifizierte Kollegen zu günstigen Bedingungen in Vollzeit oder Nebentätigkeit f?r Ersatzschichtdienst.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie bei Bedarf Mrs. Pleiwe in Saarbrücken oder Mrs. J. Plewe bzw. Mrs. Marx im Osterhornbereich. Jobangebot 3: F?r Die Ambulanz in Österhorn sucht baldm?lichst engagiertes examiniertes College (innen) zu günstigen Bedingungen f?r 20-38,5 Std. / Wöchentlich im Fr?h oder Sp?dienst. Bitte kontaktieren Sie bei Bedarf unsere Mitarbeiterin Maria Märx in Berlin.

Jobangebot 4: F?r Wir sind auf der Suche nach der 1:1-Betreuung einer Dame in ihrer Osterhorner Ferienwohnung unter baldm?lichst engagierten, zertifizierten Kollegen zu günstigen Bedingungen und im Vollzeit- oder Teilzeitdienst. Bitte kontaktieren Sie bei Bedarf unsere Mitarbeiterin Maria Märx in Berlin. Nous avons vidare vidare för kvalificerade och deutschsprachige krankenschwester.

That is why it is very useful to attend a technical college in Hamburg while working for our group.

No more unavailable jobs announced

The US industry created 313,000 new jobs in 28 consecutive trading hours in the month of Feb., a major leap forward in the DAXD. How does he/she find these jobs? There are 61,000 in the sector, which, if right ly so, in the face of declining new and inventory purchases, leads us to believe that the buildings will get into serious economic trouble during this phase.

The processing industry swore 31,000, but only 1,100 jobs were generated in high-tech sectors such as computers and electronics. Communication devices actually cost 100 jobs and electronics 800 jobs. It is said that 50,300 jobs were generated in the retailing sector. It is incompatible with branch closures and seemingly round-the-clock selling to on-line merchants.

Acc. to the data of the Federal Office for Information Security (BLS) 50'000 jobs were created in the area of vocational and commercial service, of which about three fifth in administration and refuse management, almost all in time work. Waiters and barkeepers did not provide the customary oversized number of new workplaces, but only 11,500 new ones.

Municipal administration has created 31,000 new jobs, almost all of them in the educational sector. My analysis of my salary statements has a long history on this page, as my longtime reader knows. I' m doing less of that, because I am sure you are bored of hearing the same inference again that we are being deceived about creating jobs.

Of course, the jobs are not the higher-paid jobs that we were offered by globals in return for the relocation of industry and production sites in the United States. This pledge was never more than a falsehood, even though it was the reiterated assurances of lvyleaguers and politicians in D.C. "Every businessman or finance journalist who ventured to point out that the opposite of free enterprise was not.

They were well compensated for the jobs of offshore companies. Since almost a decennium, the policies of the US, European, British, Canadian and Japanese economies have been focused on supporting the speculative financing that triggered the 2008 global recession. That undoubtedly demonstrates that in the Great West democracy, only those who are handed down and those who are superior serve the economy.

In order to give you a pause from my study, I am offering you below the study by my former co-author Dave Kranzler, an expert and successful member of the Wall St.: "If you go through some of the smelly information, it turns out that 365,000 of the supposed jobs were part-time jobs, which means that the labour force has shed 52,000 full-time jobs.

A number of recent month have seen a decline in retailing turnover, car and house buying and restaurateur sell. Somebody pointed out that Colinbase recruited 500 men. In view of the latest industry output and car purchases, I very much question whether the plants are doing anything with their employees other than shedding them. By the way, IF the labour markets were what the US administration wants us to believe, the would stumble over itself to raise key rates.

I summarised house purchases in the month of February which were published on February 21. Prevailing home sales fell 3. 2% from Dec and nearly 5% from Jan 2017. But, in reality, the economy of purchasing a home has for the first and demographically changing and the purchaser plus flippers/investors.

Such as I return a few expenses, due to the fact that most first-time purchasers "buy" in the highest possible monthly installment for which they can earn, the rate that a first-timers, or even a backer, can buy it has to be paid about 10% with the increase in interest on mortgages that has arisen since Sept. 2017.

This 10% decrease results from an interest growth of less than 1%. The same is true for pinball/investors. People who want to buy a leased property are paying a higher interest than their own use. That is why most of them are looking to buy a home. Most buyers would need the amount of lease they can boost to boost through the amount their mortgages payments are increasing from higher interest rate.

This new mathematics eliminates a considerable part of investors' "demand". I also remembered that fins bought 3-4 month ago are probably under water. "Most fins are looking for houses in the beginner category (under $500k). Every fin that was shut during a house buy in early autumn or early this house probably still holds.

However, in most stores, the amount that first-time purchasers can afford to buy without significantly raising the down payments has fallen by about 10%. By using this maths, it is likely that every fin that keeps a house shut before Octobers sits on a lost bargain. Like in 2007/2008, many of these houses are going to be lost or the fin "jingle mail" the keys to the house to be dumped to the house in this case.

As a result, the availability of rented apartments will rise, which in turn will put rent prices under downward pressure. t... Recent home purchases - The fall in Jan new home purchases was worst than previous houses. Recent home purchases fell 7. 8% from Dec. That follows December's 9. 3% fall from Nov. New construction unit deliveries fell most since Aug 2013 in December/January.

By the end of July, interest on the mortage had risen from 3.35% to 4.5% by the end of Aug. On that date the Federal Reserve was still purchasing $40 billion in mortgage value each and every month. ÿ Featuring quality over and an ostensible asset repayment programme in place, plus the Federal Reserve posing as if it continues to bounce the Federal Reserve fund exchange higher, it is likely that new home sellings will not bounce back as they did after Aug 2013, when interest rates on mortgages went down beginning in early SEPT.

In contrast to the Larry Young's misrepresentation, the attachment of new houses leapt to 6. 1 month from 5. 5 month in Dec. And how does this suit the propagandist saying that declining turnover is a feature of low stocks? A new house's mean cost is $382k (the media value is $323k).

The price of new buildings must drop significantly so that unit turnover does not decline any further. So what happens when the Federal Reserve really does move on and interest on mortgages reaches 5%? JANUAR "Pending" Homeales - The NAR's "pending home sale index", which is indexed on the basis of contracts concluded, was published last Wed.

It fell 4. 7% against an anticipated 0. 5% increase from the optimistic zombie on Wall Street. it is the largest 1-month percent drop in the index since May 2010. The index fell by 1.7% year-on-year. The house selling index for the year ended 31 March has been reworked from the initial headerline.

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