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Falls Sie sich zum ersten Mal in unserer Praxis anmelden möchten, finden Sie auf der Seite Neue Patienten ein Anmeldeformular für Ihren ersten Besuch. FIND A MADER First I researched where the firms that have high qualitiy rucksacks manufacture their rucksacks. The most of the high value rucksacks I found during my research were made in Viet Nam. That' s why I wanted to try to find a producer in Viet Nam, too. Because I didn't know anyone who could help me, this was one of the greatest hurdles during the entire evolution.

I tried calling her directly, but I didn't get far with my fluency in Englishs. It was always just folks on the telephone who didn't know the language and I couldn't get any further. The ones who answered me made rucksacks that were okay but not great. Who was the best?

All I wanted was to work with the best. Thought if I did that, I'd do it right. I was surprised to get in contact with the manufacturers' distribution directors and from then on it was simple. As my happy plant also produced rucksacks for a firm also established by kickstarters, I knew that the plant rucksacks were used to the kick-starter system.

And I knew I wanted to work with this fab. It is a vendor that has specialized in the complex frontend design and is therefore perfectly suited for my projec. And now, five prototype copies later, I have the right one. and I can't wait to show it to you.

I' ve just ordered a small delivery of my pack. I had other reason, besides best qualitiy and low prices, to make the rucksack in Vietnam: Vietnamese plants are more willing to work with a small company and accept smaller order volumes. I have seen the maker I am producing with kick starter packs for hundred and ten thousand without any delay.

Viet Nam has the best supplier in the immediate area. Vietnamesian plants have quick and easy acces to all imaginable components in any colour and every dimension. The majority of high-quality international manufacturers also have a plant, distributor or branch near Eastern Asian countries.

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