Förderung von Behinderten

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um insbesondere sicherzustellen, dass behindertengerechte. Im Prinzip haben Menschen mit Behinderungen das. Der ZBFS unterstützt Organisationen, Institutionen und Initiativen von und für Menschen mit Behinderungen. Ziel der Unterstützung ist es, behinderten Menschen zu helfen, ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu führen und es selbst zu gestalten. Die Arbeitgeber, die behinderte oder schwerbehinderte Menschen ausbilden, können von verschiedenen Dienstleistern unterstützt werden.

Jobs, Welfare & Integration

As part of the EU's policy on promoting the full integration and integration of handicapped individuals in societies in line with the EU's concept of fundamental freedoms for all. Handicap is a question of right and not confidentiality. It is also at the heart of the UN Charter on the Status of Individuals with Diseases (UNCRPD) to which the European Union is a signatory.

Adopted in 2010, the 2010-2020 EU Handicapped Persons Action Plan of the EU is based on the UNRPD. To this end, a Communication on Strategic Review by 2016 was issued in Feb. 2017. The Council also reaffirms the need for a common EU approach which will remain in line with the United Nations Conclusions.

There are eight main areas of action to achieve the goals of the 2010-2020 EDS: the Lisbon goals: Access: access to goods and value-added chain for disabled persons and promotion of the aids markets. Involvement: ensuring that disabled persons benefit from all the advantages of Union nationality; removing obstacles to equitable access to social and recreational activity; promoting the delivery of good value local governmental service.

Gender equality: combating handicap and promoting gender mainstreaming. Occupation: increasing the proportion of those with a handicap working in the open job markets. Educacion & Training: Promoting integrated literacy and lifetime study for disadvantaged schoolchildren. Equitable accessibility to good educational and learning standards enables handicapped individuals to fully take part in the community and enhance their lives.

A number of training programmes for the handicapped have been initiated by the AEC. This includes the EEAS and a dedicated group of studies on disabilities and life-long training. Socioprotection: promoting humane standards of life, combating livelihoods of poor and socially excluded persons. Public health: Promoting equitable and equitable accessibility to healthcare and related institutions.

Acting Externally: Promoting the rights of disabled persons in the context of an enlarged Union and in the context of globalisation. It is also supporting the AADN ( "Academic Association of Disabled Persons Experts"), which provides the Comission with an assessment of relevant country-specific situation, policy and information. This instrument was one of the measures included in the 2010-2015 implementation schedule of the EDS.

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